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HR / VHR Billet Intake Manifold

HR / VHR Billet Intake Manifold

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Please allow 3-4 week manufacturing time for each intake when order is placed

Intake Design Goals

  • Design an Intake that can hold 60+ psi of boost (Bench Tested )
    • No more splitting plastic OEM intake Manifolds
  • Create a intake that will retain or improve wheel horsepower (Dyno Tested)
    • Does not lose power like other intake manifolds on the market
  • Create a intake that looks amazing
  • Provide users with a product that has easy serviceability / Tunability  

Design Details

  • Fully Billet CNC'd 6061-T6 VHR / HR Manifold
    • HR Engines will need to use VHR lower manifold
  • Pressure tested to 60+psi
  • Split intake case design
  • Internal hardware used clamp intake to lower intake manifold
  • Interchangeable Runners / Velocity Stacks 
    • Glassed Filled MGF printed runners / velocity stacks,
    • Can change length, shape, diameter
      • We recommend wide mouth medium length runners as these worked best during dyno tested, but every setup if different. 
  • Utilizes all OEM O rings for lower intake and throttle bodies
  • Intake sealed with Viton O ring strand
  • Upper case half has support ribs for increased rigidity
    • New intake revision has 4 center bolts that will support the upper case further
  • Provides 8  vacuum sources

Dyno Results at Specialty Z

  • Test car was a NA stock engine 370z
    • Mods: 3” intakes, Test Pipes, Aftermarket y pipe, 3” Single exit, e85
  • A Naturally Aspirated car was used to show the true honest results of the intake manifold alone. A boosted vehicle will enhance differences and allows the ability for non honest results so we opted to test on a NA car. 
  • Base line fully tuned whp with OEM manifold: 334whp
  • 4 types of runners tested.
    • long, mid length, mid length wide mouth, short
  • LONG RUNNERS: did not work well, losing quite a bit of power for a majority of power band, unfortunately don’t have a picture of this dyno graph. 
  • MID LENGTH RUNNERS : For majority of power curve was slightly below the OEM Intake until higher rpms where they equaled in power. 334whp
  • SHORT RUNNERS: Getting closer to OEM intake manifold power curves, but as expected at higher rpms improvements were shown with 338whp peak power and an increase of power past 6000RPM. 
  • MID LENGTH WIDE MOUTH RUNNERS: These were by far the best runners tested. Basically identical to oem intake until 6000rpm where small losses occurred but after 6500 rpm these runners shined showing great improvements. These would the recommended runners to run. Whp 345whp. 
  • It can be assumed a short wide mouth runner will outperform these even further but these are the ones we had on hand for testing. 
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